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Be prepared: take charge of emergencies in the workplace

Be prepared: take charge of emergencies in the workplace

Regardless of the industry you’re in, being ready to respond to workplace emergencies helps decrease business risks and prioritises the well-being of employees.

A workplace emergency is any kind of unexpected event that disrupts regular business activities. That could be anything from a minor employee injury to a natural disaster. At Life Health Solutions, we’ve spent over 30 years preparing companies to expect the unexpected, helping them to put measures in place that mitigate the fallout of these situations. 

What is an Emergency Response Management Plan (ERMP)?

This is a document that outlines your business’s strategies, resources and procedures in case of an emergency. To create one, a business must first undergo a risk assessment. Failing to do so could mean that potential emergencies aren’t taken into account, resulting in an insufficient ERMP. By exploring and identifying a wide range of potential threats, businesses are better equipped to mitigate their effects.

All ERMPs need to consider:

  • Staff training. You need to ensure that there are skilled health and safety officers present. These individuals will need to perform well under pressure and be certified as competent.
  • How frequently will you communicate the ERMP to employees? How can you ensure all employees have easy access to this information?
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE). What PPE is needed for daily operations, and what will be needed specifically for emergencies? This level of detail must be accounted for to ensure that a business remains compliant with the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA).

Gathering points. Where will employees gather should an incident occur? A location should be designated, and it may be necessary to factor in the need for transport to a hospital or away from danger.

Why does your business need an ERMP?

The natural human reaction to an emergency situation is heightened stress, which limits our ability to think clearly in the moment. That’s why you need a plan in place – so you are already prepared to react. Having an effective ERMP is the only way to be sure that:

  1. The lives of employees are protected and prioritised.
  2. Risks have been explored and identified.
  3. All employees know what is expected of them based on the roles that they’ve been allocated.
  4. Emergency drills have been carried out and learnings have been applied.

The legal requirements have been met by the business.

How do you get an ERMP set up?

At Life Health Solutions, we’re in the fortunate position to have had more than 30 years of experience in health risk management. We offer our holistic services in seven provinces in South Africa and across a wide range of industries, which means we’ve got the hands-on knowledge to help your company, too. Our ability to set up and successfully deliver on ERMPs is something we’re proud of. We also hold ISO accreditation for all of our services, allowing us to help you abide by legal requirements and international health and safety standards.

Why choose us?

  • We have a dedicated toll-free, 24-hour contact centre.
  • Our qualified clinical staff answer all emergency calls within 60 seconds.
  • Patients receive treatment quickly because we understand how hospital procedures work, which improves the flow of admissions.
  • Our relationships with hospitals speed up the time it takes connecting patients with transport and medical facilities.

Talk to us about assessing the risks in your work environment, along with the key measures necessary to prevent incidents, treat employees and monitor your organisation’s progress. By doing so, you’ll be able to ensure compliance and efficiency, as well as being truly prepared to look after the health and safety of your staff in the event of a workplace emergency.

To learn more about how Life Health Solutions can help you develop your own Emergency Response Management Plan (ERMP), email or call (+27) 86 123 4123 to speak to one of our business development managers.

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